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When you buy a home directly from a builder or contractor in Westview, Florida, you have the right to anticipate that it is habitable, that everything works as it should, and that it is of comparable quality to other homes. But sometimes, there are errors along the way. Here are the common construction defects you may encounter: 

Examples of common construction defects 

  • Leaking roof 

Because it protects everything beneath it, the roof is the most crucial feature of your structure or home. Furthermore, it is not a fix that you can postpone. Homeowners and commercial property owners who believe their roof is defective should act quickly to preserve their rights and contact the Law Office of John Goshgarian, an experienced Florida building defect attorney.

  • Facade failures 

Your home or structure may be vulnerable to serious facade leaks due to a flawed design or poor craftsmanship, which are commonly discovered at or around joints and in exterior walls. Facade leaks, on the other hand, can be challenging to locate and expensive to repair.

  • HVAC issues 

Poor window construction might lead to severe problems. A leaking window may necessitate substantial repairs, and in extreme cases, the entire window frame may need to be removed, which can be expensive. Additionally, leaking windows can allow water to enter your home or property, causing mold to grow in the walls and causing damage to the floor and furnishings.

Construction defect law in Florida 

The Construction Defect Statute is found in Florida Statute Chapter 558. It was created to reduce the number of construction defect lawsuits filed each year in Florida.

The statute includes a notice and repair procedure that allows a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or design professional to resolve a construction defect claim before filing a lawsuit.

Filing a construction defect claim 

A Florida property owner must give written notice of their claim on a construction company or developer at least 60 days before initiating a lawsuit for building flaws. It is called the Notice of Claim.

This unique procedure necessitates that the notice is submitted within a specific time frame, which varies depending on the type of property. The construction company that is accused of performing substandard work then gets the opportunity to inspect the problem and remedy it.

If the owner receives a settlement offer, they must respond in writing within 45 days with acceptance or rejection. The owner can initiate a lawsuit if the contractor or designer disputes or fails to reply to the owner's notice of claim.

The time limit for filing construction defect claims

A building defect lawsuit in Florida has a four-year time restriction, which usually begins four years from the date the issue should have been identified.

Jp Goshlaw is now serving Westview, Florida Citizens you can contact our office today at +1 954 843-9503 or visit our website www.jpgoshlaw.com for more information. You may also schedule an appointment to visit our office address at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Westview, FL, 33314. We are open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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It is your responsibility to file a complaint; a company cannot repair a problem if it is ignorant of one. If the measures below do not work, the Law Office of John Goshgarian will represent you and approach the contractor on your behalf.

Here are the steps to protect your interests and file a complaint against your contractor for construction defects for Westview, Florida Citizens:

Protect yourself & your property 

  • Research the company thoroughly

To avoid construction defects, you must first prevent getting in bed with the contractor’s company. The first thing to in protecting your interest is by researching the company thoroughly. Ask your friends and family for comments if the company is familiar with or better contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to check whether the company has any complaints. 

  • Seek multiple estimates 

Avoid settling in one estimate. You are entering a vast decision and big money stipulated in one contract. Seek multiple estimates which should be itemized. Repairs and remodels should also be included. If possible, have your insurance company evaluate home damages before arranging repair services to ensure that it is covered under your construction contract. 

  • Ask for the contractor’s valid license

Florida contractor laws state that contractors must have a valid license and insurance to perform their services. Ask for your contractor’s license, which should be issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). You can view it by logging into www.myfloridalicense.com

If the contractor has insurance, ask for proof and verify with the insurance company if the policy is current. 

  • Study the contract before signing 

Read, understand, and analyze the contract before signing. Ensure that the agreement must also include the “buyer’s right to cancel” within three days. Avoid paying in total amount or large deposits. 

The Florida contractor laws state that a contractor should apply for a permit within 30 days and start the work within 90 days after collecting 10 percent of the contract price upfront. Take note of the amount you are required to pay, the due dates, the calendar days that the work should be finished, and what will happen if the cost or repair times exceed the agreed duration.  

Filing a complaint 

Construction contracts are similar to any other bilateral agreement -- both parties shall fulfill them. If a disagreement arises from these contracts, Florida laws allow the property owner to file a complaint to the county contractor licensing board. 

The property owner may file a lawsuit to obtain relief. However, the conditions of the construction contract should be reviewed by an attorney first. A statement from the property owner can also be submitted through an internet review database or the Better Business Bureau.

You may file a complaint against your contractor by contacting the Department of Business and Professional Regulation online at www.myfloridalicense.com or calling (850) 487-1395. Alongside, you should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office, which is also done online, at www.myfloridalegal.com or by calling phone toll-free at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM. 


If you signed into a construction contract and believed the contractor did not execute according to the terms, you should contact a construction law attorney as soon as possible. The Law Office of John Goshgarian has years of experience in Construction Defects. We can use this experience to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible. 

Jp Goshlaw is now serving Westview, Florida Citizens you can contact our office today at +1 954 843-9503 or visit our website www.jpgoshlaw.com for more information. You may also schedule an appointment to visit our office address at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Westview, FL, 33314. We are open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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Poor design and a failure to appropriately protect a home from Florida's heavy rains, storms, and hurricanes are frequently the causes of damage in Westview, Florida. Furthermore, poor construction can lead to mold and mildew, which can result in significant and costly damage as well as a decrease in the value of your property. This could lead to filing complaints and claims. 

The Florida Construction Defect Statute obligates a property owner or a condominium/association homeowner to issue a written notice of claim to contractors, design professionals, and developers to resolve claimed defects before resorting to further legal action.

Defining Construction Defect 

When a building or a section of a building that should have been constructed in a reasonably skillful manner fails and causes damage to the structure, this is referred to as a Florida construction defect.

The statute defines construction defects as flaws in design, materials, construction, construction observation, surveying, planning, repair, alteration, supervision, remodeling, and code breaches.

What is the 588 Claim? 

The FCDS applies to any claim for construction defects stemming from improvements made after October 1, 2009.

The law applies to all residential and commercial construction projects, including:

  • Residential houses 

  • Condominium apartments and common area defects

  • Mobile homes 

  • Homes that are prefabricated or modular

  • Duplexes

  • Fixtures and remodeling

What is the 588 Notice of Claim Letter? 

The claimant homeowners must serve a written notice of claim on the allegedly responsible party for the building faults. Each alleged construction defect must be described in sufficient detail in the notice of claim. The recipient should be able to determine the general nature of each suspected defect based on the description.

The person who receives the notice of claim has reasonable access to the property to inspect it and identify the source and type of each alleged construction flaw. This inspection must be completed within 30 days of the claim notification being sent.

Ways on serving the 588 Claim 

Under Florida Statute 558, there are several options for serving a notice of claim:

  • Mail 

  • Hand delivery

  • Courier service

Construction defect claims must adhere to the Notice of Claim and Chapter 588 standards to the letter. That is why you should discuss your concerns and the notification and repair process with an experienced Florida construction defect attorney at the Law Office of John Goshgarian. We are committed to ensuring that the people we represent receive justice.

Jp Goshlaw is now serving Westview, Florida Citizens you can contact our office today at +1 954 843-9503 or visit our website www.jpgoshlaw.com for more information. You may also schedule an appointment to visit our office address at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Westview, FL, 33314. We are open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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For the second episode for Westview, Florida Citizens, John covers the cases they handle, specifically related to Negligence Security, and its broad aspects. Jack Hakimian of Global Presence Marketing sits down for another legal talk with John of JP Gosh Law. 

Sit back, tune in, and listen to John Goshgarian, as he tackles different legal issues. In case you have missed the videocast, you can still hit rewind through this video. Do not forget to like, subscribe, and share! 

The Law Office of John Goshgarian operates in South Florida with a specialization in Negligence Claims like automobile accidents and wrongful death claims, Business Disputes, and Internet Law. John emphasizes four core values: 1) putting clients first, 2) working passionately, 3) focusing on specific client goals, and 4) working smarter. 

One of the law practices that the Law Office of John Goshgarian offers is the Negligence Cases. “One such case and a topic I like to talk about is called Negligenct Superiority type of cases. We live in a dangerous world and there’s danger, all around, no matter where we go, we think we’re in a safe environment and until something happens, you know, we think we’re safe,” John opened. 

“But one of the things about the law is that, as it relates to property owners and the law imposes upon every property owner or people who are in control of the property is to make sure that those who were invited on the property, they are protected from any dangerous type of conditions that may exist and a common one that we see in premises liability cases is when there is water on the floor or there is a ditch or something that somebody fell in. But one of these premise liability cases is also something called Negligence Security and there are times for example that people are victims of either getting seriously injured or even killed while on the property of others and this could be for example at the mall or it could be at the community association or the apartment complex of the business building and it could be a result of the criminal conduct of other parties and you would think how could somebody be held responsible for someone else’s criminal conduct? Well, the law says you can be responsible,” John explained. 

“It takes a lot of space to prove including history in consulting with experts in the field of criminal law enforcement and security. A lot of them that we utilize their ex-police cheats, their FBI agents, we do an analysis, a forensic type analysis, the property, types of crimes that have been around the area, other incidents, and so forth. They assist in building a case to show that the property owner failed to protect those people who came across the property. Those are the type of cases that we help our clients recover compensation when injured,” John added further explaining the process. 

The Law Office of John Goshgarian covers expertise in Negligence Claims, Business Disputes, and Internet Law in Westview, Florida. John Goshgarian implements the three approaches, strategic thinking, creative solutions, and proven results for every case. To get in touch or seek legal advice, you can contact +(954) 843-9503 or send a message through the contact form. 

John Gosh Law Talks with CEO John Goshgarian and guest. This videocast/podcast explores the amazing stories and services of John Goshgarian Law Clients, Partners, and Team.

JP Gosh Law is now Serving Westview, Florida Citizen  Located at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Davie, FL, 33314 | Phone: 1 (954) 843-9503 | www.jpgoshlaw.com. The topic of this show is "How His Client Won A Negligence Security Case"

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Westview Insurance Disputes

As a former insurance defense attorney representing insurance carriers, JP Goshgarian Law has a unique perspective and understanding of insurance claim disputes. Insurance policies are difficult to understand, require detailed analysis, and policy interpretation. We, at JP Goshgarian Law, want to assist our clients in Cooper City with their insurance claims, while always looking to protect their interest.

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