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Examples of Construction Defects for Miami Lakes, Florida Citizens

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When you buy a home directly from a builder or contractor in Miami Lakes, Florida, you have the right to anticipate that it is habitable, that everything works as it should, and that it is of comparable quality to other homes. But sometimes, there are errors along the way. Here are the common construction defects you may encounter: 

Examples of common construction defects 

  • Leaking roof 

Because it protects everything beneath it, the roof is the most crucial feature of your structure or home. Furthermore, it is not a fix that you can postpone. Homeowners and commercial property owners who believe their roof is defective should act quickly to preserve their rights and contact the Law Office of John Goshgarian, an experienced Florida building defect attorney.

  • Facade failures 

Your home or structure may be vulnerable to serious facade leaks due to a flawed design or poor craftsmanship, which are commonly discovered at or around joints and in exterior walls. Facade leaks, on the other hand, can be challenging to locate and expensive to repair.

  • HVAC issues 

Poor window construction might lead to severe problems. A leaking window may necessitate substantial repairs, and in extreme cases, the entire window frame may need to be removed, which can be expensive. Additionally, leaking windows can allow water to enter your home or property, causing mold to grow in the walls and causing damage to the floor and furnishings.

Construction defect law in Florida 

The Construction Defect Statute is found in Florida Statute Chapter 558. It was created to reduce the number of construction defect lawsuits filed each year in Florida.

The statute includes a notice and repair procedure that allows a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or design professional to resolve a construction defect claim before filing a lawsuit.

Filing a construction defect claim 

A Florida property owner must give written notice of their claim on a construction company or developer at least 60 days before initiating a lawsuit for building flaws. It is called the Notice of Claim.

This unique procedure necessitates that the notice is submitted within a specific time frame, which varies depending on the type of property. The construction company that is accused of performing substandard work then gets the opportunity to inspect the problem and remedy it.

If the owner receives a settlement offer, they must respond in writing within 45 days with acceptance or rejection. The owner can initiate a lawsuit if the contractor or designer disputes or fails to reply to the owner's notice of claim.

The time limit for filing construction defect claims

A building defect lawsuit in Florida has a four-year time restriction, which usually begins four years from the date the issue should have been identified.

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