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Fort Lauderdale Construction Defects

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Defects in construction are one of the most common causes of conflicts in the construction industry. There is often debate in determining what construction flaw is due tthe different opinions and interests of those who ask the question and make the decision.

Our clients in Cooper City, that they trust us to protect and guide them through this process.


Construction defects and poor workmanship are some of the most common causes of disputes in the South Florida construction industry. John Goshgarian, PA, along with a team of construction and engineering consultants can assist and navigate property owners, commercial and residential when construction disputes arise. Contact John Goshgarian, PA for evaluation of your construction defect claim. Our clients in Fort Lauderdale, trust us to protect and guide them through this process. John Goshgarian Law  at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Davie, FL, 33314 is serving South Florida Residents. For support call +1 (954) 843-9503 or log on to and send us a message. Schedule a Free Consultation now. Request Appointment

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