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Parkland Breach of Contract Disputes

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"Breach of Contract" is a legal statement that describes the breaking of an agreement or contract that develops when one group neglects to meet its guarantees, as illustrated by the contract's agreements. Once in a while, it includes intervening with another group's ability to fulfill its obligations. An arrangement may be completely or limitedly breached. Most contracts conclude when all parties have met their administrative commitments; however, since it is common for one to fail to completely comply with the agreement's completion, we, at John Goshgarian Law, want to make sure that our clients in Cooper City are aware of how to proceed if this situation is presented. Breaking the contract is the most widely-recognized reason these types of issues are taken to court. 

Contract law can be confusing, complex, and is governed by contractual concepts handed down by the Courts over generations. Do we have a contract, whether in writing or orally? What do these confusing and fine print legal provisions in the contract mean? Did the other party breach the contract and what is my remedy be it damages, specific performance, rescission, or reformation?  Sometimes its clear cut, other times not. Navigating contractual formation and disputes requires an understanding of not only the law, but the details of the transaction and an awareness of the client’s business function, objectives, and relationships. JP Goshgarian can review your contract before execution to protect you during the performance and enforce your contractual rights when a breach occurs.  Contact JP Goshgarian for legal consultation for Parkland Residents.  John Goshgarian Law  at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Davie, FL, 33314 is serving South Florida Residents. For support call +1 (954) 843-9503 or log on to and send us a message. Schedule a Free Consultation now. Request Appointment

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