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JP Gosh Law Talks for Coral Springs, FL - What Should I Do When I Experience a Personal Injury?

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In the fourth episode of John Goshgarian Talks for Coral Springs, Florida Citizen, John spills out the usual questions asked by non-lawyers which is, “What does it cost to get a lawyer?” In this episode, Jack asks John about the costs and fees of a lawyer’s services. 

Sit back, tune in, and listen to John Goshgarian, as he tackles different legal issues. In case you have missed the videocast, you can still hit rewind through this video. Do not forget to like, subscribe, and share! 

The Law Office of John Goshgarian operates in South Florida with a specialization in Negligence Claims like automobile accidents and wrongful death claims, Business Disputes, and Internet Law. John emphasizes four core values: 1) putting clients first, 2) working passionately, 3) focusing on specific client goals, and 4) working smarter. 

The law is broad and so are its cases. For personal injury ones, the term is called contingency fees. “All lawyers here are in South Florida handle cases on a contingency fee basis which means you don’t pay anything to the lawyer upfront unless something is recovered on your behalf. Whether that be through an insurance claim or through trial and the jury makes an award in the particular case or when there’s a settlement during that period of time,” John said. 

For John, the fee imposed on his clients would be when there is an award sought after winning a case. Although there are certain parameters that the Florida Bar requires. “There are certain percentages that apply depending upon the reward or settlement in the particular case. But, like all attorneys, there’s no cost upfront. It is no fee, no cost as well for presenting your client’s lawsuit.” John added.


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